Blasting ‘Fix It’ for the 11th time around (and probably will many more), it’s not hard to hear why ALTA’s a name you keep hearing. 

The Melbourne duo, Julius Dowson and Hannah Lesser, conjure a brand of electro-pop that feels like FKA Twigs’ sensory rhythms paired with the catchy pop quality of Vallis Alps

They’ve just performed at VIVID’s Women in Electronic Music showcase and are heading to the muddy bliss of Splendour in the Grass - Check out our interview with them below~

‘Fix It’ begins with a percussive combination that brings the raw energy of a live drum kit but with an industrial, electronic timbre.

There's subtle layers throughout that create nuanced mood changes. 1:50 particularly brings in odd harmonies and textural variety that demonstrates their mature production abilities.

Hannah’s voice is laid-back and understated, the tone pinched with soulful inflexions, reminiscent of Lykke Li. 

The intertwining melodies are addictive and I can guarantee you’ll be singing the chorus’ “na na na na na na na don’t fix it’ line for hours* 

*Cannot actually guarantee this, I'm not clairvoyant, but it’s a doozy.


1. How has where you've lived influenced your music/musical development?

We are living in Melbourne which has given us the opportunity to watch and grow with heaps of different musicians and artists. The scene here is really strong and is something we don't take for granted - it's so rewarding to be a part of it and to see your friends release great music.


2. Your music sounds rhythmically driven, particularly 'Fix It', with the quite experimental, pop drum tones throughout - is that a conscious stylistic choice?

Yeah the percussive elements are usually the first parts that we record in when we start a new track. We are heavily inspired by the way different rhythms make you move/feel so its how we start songs and is usually a strong element in them.


3. What else was involved in the writing process for 'Fix It'?

We wanted to make a track that was experimental and fun but maintained a "pop" feel to it. So during the writing process we continually tweaked everything until we felt like we had a good balance between weird and familiar.


4. You're both musically two peas in a pod - what's your biggest differences that complement each other well when writing music.

Han gets real amped on artists like Travis Scott, Bryson Tiller etc which are sounds that I haven't been exposed too much. Having listening sessions together and talking about things we like about tracks is a great way to kick off writing sessions for us.


5.  What's next on the agenda now that you've rounded/ are rounding up the live gigs.

We just got off a tour with Kilter and are playing Red Bull Sound Select at Splendour. After that we've got Bigsound, ABRA support and another few unannounced things which we are excited about! We've been writing heaps and building our live set so we're excited to continue playing shows and releasing some new stuff!


6. After your awesome performance at Vivid's Women in Electronic Music (which I caught, woo!) did you have any thoughts to share on women in music?

First of all I walked away with a massive crush on Kucka, she put on an incredible show. That show was such a stacked bill we were so happy to be a part of it. This topic of conversation is something that has been coming up a lot more often over the past year or two so its great that people are discussing it and changes are happening. I think we're heading in the right direction here, it's not perfect yet but I'm optimistic and can definitely feel the momentum building.

If you weren't lucky enough to catch them at Splendour this week don't worry, I have a feeling they'll be touring for a long time to come.