Stolen Peaches is the invigorating EP from NOVAA, and our latest obsession. NOVAA fuses melancholy, eeriness and even arpeggiating melodies that are oddly cheerful and bouncing. 

The slick and intricate beats are reminiscent to Purity Ring, as they have the same sparse quality yet show careful construction to still drive the music.
NOVAA's voice has a crisp quality with a tinge of breathiness, best described like breathing in mountain air. Sometimes she manipulates her vocals so they morph far away from a voice and into a bubbling rhythmic synth. 

Her section juxtaposition is one of the most exciting elements of her EP. In Is It You and Skinny Dipping, she goes from a rich textured, warm section filled with soothing synth drones and buzzes that envelop your ears, suddenly changing to a bare, thin texture of a beat and eerie vocals. 
It messes with your ears, and we love it. 

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