A blend of easy listening with dark undertones, Dwelling is Pecas dream pop gift. 
The hazy guitar tones reminiscent to Beach House,  the repetitive but hypnotic motifs and her sweet, lullaby voice make it the perfect companion to a long, pensive ride.  She diverges from the classic band instrumentation in When You Find me to an eerie, glassy drone experimentation, reiterating a dreamy mode but just a different way to daydream. 


Pecas is the experimental dream pop project of Brooklyn-based Sandy Davis (vocalist, multi-instrumentalist). In 2014 Davis released the self-recorded debut album Dwelling, and pecas was born. The album gained appreciation in the small indie rock enclave of New Paltz, NY where Davis went to college. Pecas has grown to include members of "dremo" Brooklyn band, What Moon Things, whom Davis met during her time in New Paltz. Their sophomore album, packed with winding, surrealist dreamscapes, is expected to be released in the Spring of 2017.



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