Sae Ely


Residing in Virginia, U.S., orchestral composer Sae Ely has just released her album Undefeated, a rousing, heroic piece that is reminiscent to the powerful minimalism of Phillip Glass. 
Sae notes that,

     “Undefeated is dedicated to everyone who builds their own bridges between chasms. Bridges made of sound, art, or words not only allow the artist to reach their destination; these bridges can be shared with others.”

Undefeated consists of three movements titled I Am Here, Undefeated, and Never Surrender.  All three movements share a similar melodic theme with the overlying message being one of freedom.  The ultimate intent of this project is for these recordings to serve as templates for a live performance that will be video and audio recorded. She says of the recordings:

     “As this is my first time recording, with what I know and with what I have, this is the best representation of the movements. Overall, I am pleased with the result. Next time I record at least I’ll have some idea of what I’m actually doing.” 

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