Elizabeth Younan


At just 22 years of age Elizabeth Younan is already composing advanced, complex and bewitching pieces such as 'Clarinet Concerto.' No doubt she will be a prominent figure in the classical music scene. 

"My Clarinet Concerto echoes a conventional three-movement structure (fast-slow-fast) in a condensed single movement. I highly value notions of musical economy, organicism, and architectural strength, and as a result this work aims to extrapolate as much engaging musical material as possible from a simple, descending three-note cell. 
 A dynamic interplay between the soloist and orchestra create a nuanced struggle between the two forces, gradually reconciling into one combined medium as the theme is revealed in its final form."


Elizabeth Younan (b. 1994) is currently completing a Masters by Research degree in composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music under the tutelage of Carl Vine AO, with the assistance of the prestigious Australian Postgraduate Award. As one of four participants of the Con’s inaugural National Women Composers’ Development Program, Elizabeth has had the opportunity to compose for renowned musicians Georg Pedersen, Claire Edwardes, the Goldner String Quartet, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, and Sydney Philharmonia Choirs.

Her first string quartet 'Interwoven,' composed as part of the Con's NWCD Program was chosen by the Goldner String Quartet to be premiered at a Musica Viva Australia Coffee Concert in Sydney in 2017. Elizabeth’s woodwind quintet 'Shoreditch Grind' received its international premiere at the inaugural BBC Proms Australia Chamber Music concert series by Musica Viva’s Future Makers Arcadia Winds, and will be performed by them in Musica Viva’s Melbourne Coffee Concert series and its Festival in 2017. Elizabeth will also receive her Opera House debut with Vox of Sydney Philharmonia Choirs performing her 'Verbum Caro Factum Est' in December 2016. 

Most recently Elizabeth was awarded the Fine Music 102.5 Young Composer Award for 2016 for her first orchestral work, 'Clarinet Concerto', which was premiered by the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra and Som Howie, under Paul FitzsimonOther awards include Chicago Composers' Consortium Call for Scores for her woodwind quintet 'Shoreditch Grind,' the 2014 Jean Bogan Youth Prize for Piano Composition by the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music for her set of 'Five Persian Preludes', and the Ignaz Friedman Memorial Prize for academic merit in composition received from the Con in 2014.

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