Inga-Lill Farstad // Benjamin Finger



Norwegian artist, producer, DJ and director Benjamin Finger delivers unconventional and ornate electronica, one of his latest albums '10' reminiscent to Aphex Twin in its grungy, static rhythms. '10' features Norwegian vocalist Inga-Lill Farstad's. Farstad is also the euphonious lead singer of the indie Norwegian band Children and Corpse Playing in the Streets.
On Benjamin's album we hear Farstad's warped vocal loops, and she is an active member on the live shows. 

A different side to Finger and Farstad is Pleasurably Lost (above), which is a slow building, atmospheric piece. The musical texture is gradually thickened with complex syncopated, almost free rhythmic beats and electro-acoustic instrumentation. The breathy, innocent vocals of Farstad are coupled with toy pianos and reversed, scratching sounds for a somehow both rough and sweet sound, conveying the textural skilfulness. 

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