sonhander x chao


Fresh singer/songwriter duo Sonhander x Chao are already crushing the Sydney scene with their hypnotic electronica. From supporting BUOY at the end of last year, an upcoming Secret Garden side stage gig and their EP Sonar about to have a massive launch, they're an act that warrant a follow. 

Their latest EP can be described as a cinematic/atmospheric soundscape meets Purity Ring/Ta-ku beats.

'Fluke' begins with eerie echo chamber sounds, Chao's voice coming in with such clarity she's almost next to you. The quality production lets the haunting textural play and lyrics really ooze into your ears. 

Although 'Arrhythmia' may over frequently use the ascending build ups, it still challenges the expected "drop" result with dense, beautiful atmospheric melodies vying for attention with unexpected rhythms.

'The Throne's' sparse and atmospheric backing makes room to focalise on Chao's relaxed, sweet voice and the various melodies that converge from overlapping vocals and synths.  

Overall, they've crafted a musically and thematically woven EP that's both haunting and danceable. Their collaborative production, songwriting and vocal efforts make them an exciting new duo on the scene. 

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