Dad Thighs


Vancouver's newest addition, Dad Thighs have just debuted their album
The Ghosts That I Fear, on tape through fresh label Old Press Records. 
It's an emotionally driven first work drawing on 90s emo music and post-rock influence.
Their powerful motifs and the constant rhythmic and melodic variation
make Dad Thighs a welcome and exciting addition to the post-rock/emo scene.  

"The new album works as a coherent piece of work, not just a collection
of one off songs. Songs are meant to flow into each other, and the themes
align closely with one another, exploring different facets of similar emotional
The Ghosts That I Fear is not just a collection of songs to comprise an album,
rather a single piece of work that deals with issues through an introspective
and emotional lens. Their lyrical content departs from the typical
male narrative, commonplace in emo, of heart break, and ‘the woman’ as
the muse, or an object to be conquered, giving autonomy
to this often static character."

The spoken word sections are reminiscent of early math rock/post rock bands like Slint
and Rodan but manage not to come off as sounding contrived or wallowing in any
90's nostalgia; there's genuine passion here and a surprising versatility.

Tracks like 'The Rain it Raineth' are driven by the same heavy rhythm guitar of
bands like ISIS which is a great counterpoint to the tense and minimalistic
spoken word tracks like 'Everyday'.

There's an eeriness and incredibly cohesive atmosphere to this debut album we love.

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