Chrysalis is the latest EP from Abbi Press and it's as uplifting and exciting as a delicious fruit smoothie in the morning. With RNB, dance electronica and experimental fusion, Press crafts electrifying and danceable music. There's a lightness to her overall production, drawing our focus to her sweet voice and the high, popping synths bouncing from ear wall to wall. 

Red Velvet and Begin Again reveal more of the pop and RNB sensibilities present in the album. They're bubbly and hyper dance songs as she layers high, arpeggiating synth riffs, coupled with the RNB beats.

S t a y  features a more experimental side, with glassy, coarse synths, distant sound design, spoken word and erratic, cackling beats. 
Sweet Savage Skepticism builds on vocal experimentation, reminiscent to Bjork's Medúlla as she occasionally uses her vocalisations as a source of rhythmicity too. She blends these elements to adhere to the danceable and bouncing nature of Chrysalis.

Abbi Press has a heap of shows lined up in New York, and an upcoming video to go with her single.
If you need a pick me up, get into Abbi's delectable album.

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