The Deer Tracks


Sweden's electronic duo The Deer Tracks create beautiful and warped sonic atmospheres. The tranquil and eerie tone of their latest album Undersvik musically mirrors the context in which it was written. After a tumultuous time touring for years, they hit a "mental and spiritual dead end." They found an abandoned school in the small village of Undersvik, Sweden, where they shut off the outside world and wrote their disorder away. 
Track "The Northern Man" from Undersvik sonically visualises the small village, beginning with distant vocals gliding closer and farther away like in an open field. 
The light, harp-like plucking emphasises tranquility, while the backing downtempo, deep beats convey something much darker lingering.
The vocal repetition paired with the eerie, modulating whistling gets you in a trance-like state, a nod to the seclusion of the abandoned school in Undersvik .

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