Oslo based Tuvaband is the creation of Norwegian singer songwriter Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser and British musician Simon Would.
The duo were formed in 2014, and built up a catalogue of songs whilst playing intimate shows and festivals across Norway. 

In their latest single, Tuvaband take the simple musicality of a single voice paired with piano chords ringing out to form delicate and fine-tuned melodies with powerful and raw emotion.
Tuva's wide range vocals are reminiscent to Hundred Waters, waving through musical scales with ease and a beautiful, airy tone. 
Their gradual layering adds distant, echoing vocals, reverb-drenched notes and soft pattering drums for a melancholic and dreamy atmosphere. 



"Everything We Do Is Wrong is coming from an underlying feeling of being trapped and sometimes paralyzed in a world where the normalized, daily stuff we do feels wrong, both for the planet and the people. How and what we eat, buying new clothes, and the stuff we acquire because we think we need it, but actually don't. “Everything We Do Is Wrong" is a raw and stripped back song with a lot of emotions."

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