Overland Inn


French electronic duo Overland Inn craft music permeated with nostalgia yet warped into something entirely new.
Their melodic movement and instrumentation is reminiscent of AIR's Virgin Suicides soundtrack with shades of Portishead. It's dark and at times unnerving yet hauntingly beautiful.  

The song 'Lovers' showcases their musical variety, their tunes taking unexpected turns with some post/prog rock influences. It begins with lo-fi beats that conjure an eerily calm atmosphere until an unexpected bass harmony comes forth, bringing with it a dark and foreboding atmosphere. An 80s style strummed guitar section also enters, coupled with haunting harmonies from their velvety vocals and creating a uniquely “Overland Inn” sound.
'Alpha' throws you into the midst of the 80s  with its vibrant synth tones you're likely to hear in 'Blade Runner.' It shifts between a busy, synth orchestral realm into a drawn back, airy vocal tranquility. 

Overland Inn's thoughts on Lovers: 
"It was written in a time where we were listening a lot to Blonderedhead. I liked the poetry of their songs, both romantic and melancholic/dramatic at the same time. 'Lovers' is about a couple who tries to believe in 'true love' as it is depicted in fairy tales, even though everybody repeats all the time that such a thing does not exist. But despite the fact that they try to believe in it, they always have to repel the 'ghosts', memories or broken love stories they went through."

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Tania Vlassova