Anne Hall


From the opening notes off ‘Have They Told You’, it’s obvious Anne Hall has the perfect voice for the folk-jazz vibe of her album ‘Wonderful’. It’s melancholic and rich. But there’s also edges of roughness; she doesn’t shy from emphasising her accent to give a unique tonal quality to the album. Similarly, her lyrics are intimately relatable, raw and deeply felt.
There are pieces where Hall plays with her band, ‘The Remarkables’, and there’s pieces like Dreamin’ which are small, intimate songs, which are carried by the versatility of Hall’s voice. The instrumentation on these band pieces is incredible. Hall’s voice is cushioned by brass and woodwind and the clipped electric guitar chords and riffs give the album a sharp momentum.
When you start listening to Anne Hall, you’ll wish you were watching her on the stage of a 1920’s, sepia-toned bar in a small town. You'll be dreaming you were somewhere else. .


FolkTania Vlassova