Finland's Anni crafts earnest electronic music that's fitting to the *currently* snowy Helsinki landscape; it's flourishing with ethereal and magical musicality.
Her latest single Break Free, is a story in itself. It begins with some lo-fi, twinkling keys against an airy synth backdrop, her voice calm and controlled. She's warning us, explaining why we need to "break free." Bring in the pumping beats with crowds shouting "hey!" and clap fills, and you've got an uplifting resolution. Her voice alternates between a sweet, gentle voice to a louder, vehement tone, fitting with the musical progression from a quiet, calm intro to a danceable pop song. 

Currently studying Global Political Studies at the University of Helsinki, Anni's earnest and sincere music is only heightened with her outlook on life:  
"I'm a strong supporter of human rights, including rights of women and minorities and I take my role as a female musician standing up for women of all colour, religion, age and background very seriously. I understand I'm a very privileged person – being a white, western, educated woman – yet I wish I can be part of more inclusive feminism helping all women strive."

On the song Break Free: 
"...a song about trusting yourself and believing in yourself,
about doing things even if you question yourself (as we women
tend to do thanks to the culture where we've been
brought up which praises girls for being quiet, modest
and passive over standing up and being passionate,
driven and ambitious). Even I have this voice in my head
questioning myself but I've learnt to do things even if I'm scared.
And that's a super cool feeling when you start believing in yourself
and in your own power."

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