Norewgian duo Pyke take you on tumultuous journeys through their dreamy indie rock. 
Their latest album 'Detox' is filled with melancholic passion as it "...explores the tense and bittersweet state of regret and disappointment, leading to a search for detoxification from all that." 

Every song drifts effortlessly between emotions, like For a While which relies on its melodies and textural changes for its storytelling.
With these elements they switch on something bright and light, then dip into something much darker.

now I can breathe, for a while

They musically enact these lyrics with the intro; a restrained ambience with its thin texture, subdued synths and distant atmospherics. The melodies are slightly disconcerting with the minor tone and descending melodies, a feeling as though they're pulling you somewhere lower, somewhere suffocating.
Suddenly they move into a pulsating guitar and drum realm with rhythmic consistency. The vocals are now layered thick and feel uplifting with their heavenly, choir like timbre. 
Moving from the thin, eerie intro into this fast-paced, densely textured chorus it genuinely feels like taking a breath of fresh air. 

Intimacy II conveys the cinematic, indie-rock drive in their music, giving the at times "cliched" lyrics authenticity. The spirited drums, reverb guitar motifs and dreamy vocals are infused with 90s nostalgia, ready to tell the impassioned tale of their lives.