Austin based 2x husband and wife is Blushing. The shoegaze/dream-pop quartet craft your road-trip tunes, the ideal score for any lonely, passing landscape. 
Their latest EP Tether is Beach House meets Real Estate and The Radio Dept with its catchy melodies and wonderfully dense, reverb-drenched, fuzzy textures.
The opening song, Tether with it's chorus guitars paired with the breathy, sweet vocals throws you into a blissful and lush domain. Varying emotions are driven by the punchy drums and distorted guitars, flowing from a daze in the start to something more determined and relentless in the bridge.  

Mess distances the vocals and focuses in on the wavering guitar melodies which mingle together. The shimmery texture is dense and envelopes your ears as it balances distortion and heavy reverb and delays. It's more of an atmospheric piece, it's focus not on the lyrical content but on the musical moods that they travel through.