22 year old Isserley latest EP 'Messes' conjures a horrorscape.
Don’t expect anything less than a terrifying/thrilling sonic experience complete with uncomfortable glitch tones, eerie harmonies and so many vocal layers they’re like a whole other sinister subplot.

In her single, 'Mercy,' the production can be frustrating but adds a lo-fi essence enhancing the Marilyn Manson-y melodies. 
The minimalist beats and ambient industrial glitches evolve throughout. Isserley melds and subverts sounds and themes traditionally used in far more optimistic music and masterfully drags them down into the dark realm her music inhabits. She gradually brings in an abundance of jagged, sharp synth tones puncturing your ears while other synths are impassioned, grand and cinematic. 
Against the chilling backing is a sweet voice that’s always pitched slightly off creating a beautifully dissonant cacophony. 
It sounds distant, as if she’s not even with it, making you wonder what she’s thinking? How is she feeling?