Noa May


Have you checked out one of the best (if not the best) covers of The Pixies "Hey"? 

Currently residing in Tel Aviv, Israel, Noa May is a human rights lawyer creating flavoursome and emotionally volatile music. 
Her 'Hey' interpretation strays from the original's sparseness and fills it with buoyant rhythms and colourful melodies.

The song is featured on her latest EP, 'Grace Under Pressure' which sees a common thread of crisp production and kooky rhythms. There's also some St. Vincent art-pop sensibilities flowing through, with sweet melodies being frequently dipped into some sort of grand, darkness. 

In 'Shiny River,'  we're welcomed with pizzicato notes that are mixed to feel like they're plucked right into your ears, and it's as paradoxically unnerving as it is exciting. This is a prominent feature throughout other songs and we love it.  
The electro-acoustic rhythm section is layered with epic synths, clapping and processed acoustic hits to create a nuanced and addictive beat. It ensures easy repeat listening as every time,  you'll notice something different. 
Her time studying jazz performance in Melbourne, Australia is heard through the complex progressions, her music taking you on so many turns, you'll love the chase.