Gianna Lauren


Gianna Lauren's 'Moving Parts' is the soundtrack to a deserted beach: an eerie, at times tranquil and sometimes lively, melancholic feat. Set to be released April 21st - Pre-order HERE.

The Canadian singer's single Take it Slow is a slow moving piece where each element broods and takes its time. Her breathy vocals are like a breeze against the folky guitar melodies. 

Mistakes taps into a grungier, more outward sadness. There's eerie progressions with distorted guitar and synths that juxtapose with a lively rhythmicity.



April 21  - Edmundston NB, Le Deck

April 22 - Fredericton NB, Flourish Festival

April 25 - Halifax NS, Timber Lounge

April 26 - Sackville NB, Thunder & Lightning

April 27 - Quebec City QC, Le Knockout

April 28 - Montreal QC, Casa w/ Camille Delean

April 29 - Wakefield QC, The Black Sheep Inn

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