Various Asses

                                                                           Photo Cred: Lauren Bamford

                                                                           Photo Cred: Lauren Bamford


Melbourne based, Various Asses (Raquel Solier) has concocted "body horror" music: a blend of trap, house, and a bunch of unpredictable, warped samples. It's the perfect accompaniment to a messy night out that never wants to end. 

Her latest EP, 'Loción', asides from amping you up, has a disorientating and unnerving effect. Think of the exhilarating confusion of seeing rays of strobe light plummeting through a smoke machine cloud; that's 'Loción'. 

The song Hood Team features bursts of fractured audio snippets from all angles, with so much textural play you go from jagged, sandpaper synths to celestial warmth. Somehow, with all its trap and frantic house sensibilities, Gangsta's Paradise heart tugging choral intro comes in, eventually glitched into oblivion. She makes it work, more than work, it's as if Coolio meant to sample Stevie Wonder's intro to become an iconic rap sample, to then be distorted by Various Asses. 

With a tape launch coming up on March 18th at The Tote in Melbourne, 'Loción' is one of our favourite new releases. 

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