10 bonus bands showcasing killer female talent

An epilogue to Melody Menu's list

"There weren’t a few bands showcasing female talent out there that I would have loved and worshipped as an early teen – there were thousands."

Music + food blog Melody Menu's recent posts "70 bands showcasing killer female talent" explore the discoveries of writer Jade Smith in her eye[ear]-opening year of working in A&R.

In the article, first featured in Catalogue Magazine, she outlines an experience all too familiar to many of us growing up, having to listen to male-dominated radio stations, see male-dominated gigs, read male-dominated magazines, because that’s all there was in the scene.
Just about anything music related was monopolised by men and is what led so many of us to the idea that, "well, maybe there just aren't that many women involved?"

"My brain just filled in the gap for me and I naively supposed that there simply weren’t many – if any – women that made the kind of music I liked."

Her job in A&R was just what she needed to prove how wrong she was. 

"Week after week, I found myself recommending a ridiculous amount of female talent to my employer. Not out of a concerted effort to hold up the sisters, but simply from discovering that these bands were the best quality of what I had heard that day."

Her list catalogues just some of the fantastic artists she's stumbled upon, and Fridge Feed has added a bonus 10 to snack on. 

Check out Melody Menu's list HERE.

As long as there’s enough good music produced by men, people are encouraged to ignore the gender inequality in their playlists. There needs to be a genuine effort by everyone, but music producers and promoters in particular, to revert this imbalance because as this list shows, there’s a ton of incredible females making incredible music if you’re willing to find out.

Corin | Melbourne, Aus


Melbourne-based producer Corin has just released her EP 'Virtuality,’ along with a VR, futuristic film clip. With glitchy game tones, bouncing synths and arpeggiating melodies rising into unknown territories, she traps you in another realm; a cyberspace.  


Carla Dal Forno | Melbourne, Aus

 Photo:  Marijn

Photo: Marijn


Australian singer Carla Dal Forno’s music is permeated with jarring soundscapes, gothic pop elements and dreamy vocals dunked  in lo-fi timbre. It’s exactly what you want to listen to wherever you find yourself past dusk.


Cloud Tangle | Brisbane, Aus

Aptly named Cloud Tangle is the solo project of Brisbane's multi-instrumentalist, Amber Ramsay. With the silky guitars and reverb drenched atmosphere, Cloud Tangle's EP 'Pocket' elevates you into the clouds. 


Lynette Williams | Harlem, Manhatten, U.S.A


Harlem based artist Lynette Williams seemingly simple tunes are nuanced and complex in their range of emotions. Her raw, beautifully dynamic vocals flow well with the folky sensibilities.



Various Asses | Melbourne, Aus


Melbourne based, Various Asses (Raquel Solier) has concocted "body horror" music: a blend of trap, house, and a bunch of unpredictable, warped samples. It's the perfect accompaniment to a messy night out that never wants to end. 


Sea Oleena|CANADA


Canada’s Charlotte Loseth is Sea Oleena. Her music is fit for a tranquil, pastel world. Her delicate voice floats on the angelic synths, piano, pattering drums and sustained strings.


FRKTL | London, UK / Cairo, Egypt

FRKTL (frāk'təl) is the solo experimental project of London/Cairo-based audiovisual artist Sarah Badr. FRKTL’s latest album "Prose Edda" is post-classical, experimental artistry. The electro-acoustic soundscapes envelope your ears into a soothing, dystopian bliss.




Based in Philadelphia, Ivy Sole creates soulful melodies, her lyricism, nothing short of incredible. This is a unique rap experience. As she says in ‘Dream Girl’ ‘Told ya this ain’t the vibe that you’re used to.’



 Credit: Kim Hiorthøy

Credit: Kim Hiorthøy


Her debut album fuses sound design, minimalist techno, avant-pop and melodies-as-eerie-as-they-are-dreamy, creating an ever-changing, yet still very coherent album.


Julia Lucille | Austin, TX, U.S.A

 Photo: Eric Morales

Photo: Eric Morales


Austin’s Julia Lucille crafts dream-folk.  Personal favourite ‘darkening’, feels like walking into a twisted, angelic Western. The vocals and backing fight and intertwine with each other while some drawn out, reverby guitars paint vast desert landscapes.

Tania Vlassova