Sallie Ford


Video courtesy of Paste Magazine

Sallie Ford's Soul Sick conjures images of her walking through a 50's diner, everyone's heads turning, captivated by her strong and powerful voice.  The album's surf rock vibes are juxtaposed with honest vocals that demand we empathise with her lyrics.
Her song Failure epitomises this with its retro, easy-listening atmosphere where you're driven to bop along while she contrastingly sings~ 

 "It would've been easy if I were crazy,
easy if I were insane
 and they can finally send me away,"

With excellent call and response between the band, backing vocals and her leading voice, there's an overall enticing melding of musical elements.
She's got an upcoming European tour and a bunch of US dates in April and we got to ask the singer from Portland, Oregon a few questions!


What is the biggest musical change with this album from your older stylings?
I wanted to take inspiration from 60's music, like surf, garage & a girl group, but also make something new and unique!

Any technical/musical details you’d like to note?
I worked with producer Mike Coykendall. He was great!

Who/what are your influences?
Sufjan Stephens lyrics and concepts of how he writes so personally.

You can really feel you've put so much of yourself into this album- how would you describe the process of coming to such a powerful album?
I was very honest and wrote like a "stream of thought" and then edited after. I am very connected to this album for sure and feel proud!

Any thoughts about the presence of women in sound/music?
I do get annoyed how women musicians are always compared to other women musicians. I don't know why we need to be separate. Also I don't like to be labeled as just a female musician, but I do think it's important for more women to be present in rock music!

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